Food Porn

Jamber Foods

Chocolate Peanut Butter Star

A satisfying healthy dessert option. Peanut butter stars are homemade with the finest ingredients. We make our own chocolate, & fill our own molds to create this delicacy.

Hand Pies

Scrumptious fruit filled hand pies serve easily as a lovely homemade snack.

Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

Dreamy chocolate coconut cream pie makes for an eye widening dessert experience. Pie crust filled with cooked chocolate pudding layered with sweetened heavy whipping cream, & topped with toasted coconut.

Pickled Onions

Tantalizingly tasty onions, thinly sliced & pickled in a savory blend of Vinegars with a touch of bold flavour.

Kim Chi

For putting the essential probiotics back into our meals. Atop any savory meal, or serve on the side, this spicy fermented salad will perk up your tastebuds and please your belly..


A kitchen staple & healthy food with infinite potential.