About us

About us

I am Jp Foesad, a Cali born & raised artist. Originating from Stockton. I grew up along the coastline. From the Bay to L.A., I have traversed the city streets & carved the snowy mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. I have lived, worked & attended classes in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Oakland, San Francisco & Berkeley. My diverse range of motion has bestowed upon me a unique perspective & a rare eye. I have groomed these experiences into a variety of art forms dealing in mixed medias from audio to visual to textile & beyond. I am a multimedia artist & conceptual solutions engineer. I have been in & out of california community college since 2001, 2 years after graduating high school living on the streets. I have been seriously pursuing a film degree since 2006 & have attended 5 community colleges in California. As Publicity Director & Social Club Attendant at Cuesta Community College, I often designed flyers for events, using Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator. Since then, I have worked with the Adobe softwares under the guidance of Jeff Bruton, owner, designer & printer at The Loin Gallery & Boutique in the famous artistic Tenderloin District of San Francisco. As an apprentice & eventually paid employee of Jeff's, I learned aspects of graphic design for printing, color & ink mixing, silk screen cleaning & burning, & the industrial art of screen printing, mostly on clothing & fabric. My creativity stemmed from experiences with ceramics as a child. I began to explore my other artistic interests in high school, such as audio visual media arts & music, graduating in 1999 from Arroyo Grande High School, which has led me to pursue a career in film through a collegiate degree in film & theatre arts. I have also pursued hobbies in sound engineering, music production, mixing, & various forms of collage that vary widely in mediums. I have also found an articulate voice in written & spoken language. I excelled in public speaking & interpersonal communications in college & am a published journalist.

I am Amber Foesad. I was born in Stockton, Ca just like Jp. I spent my childhood in the California Valley, the Colorado Rockies, & the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. Ever since I was a child, I admired my mother’s labor intensive efforts in the kitchen. As I came into my own, I also noticed an incredible innate ability in areas of energy healing. After spending time working at a Safeway bakery, I explored more serious avenues of culinary arts, landing myself positions at bakeries in the Bay Area such as Sandbox Bakery in San Francisco, as well as La Note & Flour & Co. in Berkeley. Since jp & I have been working together, I have begun developing nutritious & health conscious alternative recipes as guidelines to replacing less healthy recipes of traditional favorites, as well as creating new, experimental recipes that will hopefully one day become known as traditional favorites. Just like medicine & recreation can be one & the same if balanced by integrity & intention, food & medicine also go hand in hand when consumed responsibly. I have also started teaching myself to sew custom clothing out of recycled materials. All of our current endeavours aim toward localizing the service & product industry so that we can help set an example of how to take efficacious steps in localizing economy to better suit a rapidly changing world for a more sustainable future.

We produce our own films from pre to post production & edit across multiple platforms & OS’. We are also teaching ourselves to produce music using Ableton Live sound engineering software & are dabbling in DJ mixing using Traktor Scratch Pro Software with a Traktor S4 dj midi controller. We fool around with more traditional arts & crafts, such as pressing & drying botanicals & arranging them into designs in frames. We are seasoned still & motion photographers, specializing in psychedelic & macabre photography. We have also been creating artistic, music based documentaries of our adventures along the way. We have been working together for almost 8 years. We met in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, where we had both spent much of our youth. We have been keeping our heads above water seasonally in the cannabis industry. This experience inspired us to create, what began as cannabis oriented art & evolved into a new expression of a very old artistic process. Using the byproduct, otherwise trash, we make beautiful pieces of unique art. We began pressing botanicals in 2013 & since then, have reached creative horizons we had not imagined possible. Our intimate team is capable of meeting a wide range of needs across a variety of interests & endeavours. We are excited to be bringing you our second annual art show at Painted Hand Tattoo in Oakland, Ca & look forward to many successful shows there in the future. We are also looking to expand our reach, offering to show our art in interested galleries during the Autumn, Winter, & Spring seasons.

The more I let go of that which I have no control, the more power I have over that which I do have control.

We are the dreams of stars & our dreams are the consistency of the universe.

This is all just lite shining through crystal.

We are Jp & Amber Foesad aka Jamber Foesad.


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